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all i want is a 1x1 where they bonded over the internet like via twitter or instagram or tuMblr and they got along and saved money to pay for a ticket to meet the other bc they were that dedicated ??!?! right so they have cute lil skype dates and are glued to their phones 24/7 bc diff timezones and i’m having difficulties breathing imagine thIS please give this to me f/f m/m f/m i dont give all i want is a cute fluff ship & plot pls

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I’m in the mood for a couple more 1x1’s so come message me!

Why are you dressed like that?

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I finished my homework that I got on the first day, lucky me, so if anyone wants to 1x1 with me, hmu!

Title: When I Look At You
Artist: Miley Cyrus
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list of friendship/sibling plot ideas;


  • There’s Been An Accident: Muse A is in a car crash and falls into a coma for weeks, finally when they wake up they need someone to look after them and help them through physiotherapy. Muse B volunteers happily, because they’d do anything for Muse A, but that doesn’t make the job easier. 
  • All Eyes On Me: Both Muses are high profile celebrities who constantly get compared in the media. In order to quell the rumours that they are enemies they decide to meet up and become friends, but then rumours circulate that they’re in a relationship and they realise they’ll never be out of the spotlight.
  • We Met On The Ward: Both muses are suffering from the same form of cancer. They meet during their chemotherapy sessions and bond over their life threatening illnesses. Soon they become inseparable, but one question is always on their mind: what happens if one of us dies?
  • I Need Help: Muse A meets Muse B in a diner at 11pm at night. Muse A looks ragged and disheveled and completely out of place. They almost get kicked out for not having any money to buy a drink when Muse B takes pity on them and buys one for them. They chat and get to know each other and realise they have more in common than they might have originally thought.
  • Sixteen and Pregnant: Muse A gets knocked up unexpectedly and Muse B (their older sibling/best friend) decides to help them through the pregnancy and help them raise the child. 
  • Roommates AU: Muse A and B have to room together for College/Summer Camp and drive each other crazy. One is the studious type, quiet and shy, while the other is outgoing and a party animal, Will they ever learn to get along?
  • Long Distance: Muse A and Muse B are best friends growing up, but they end up going to college on opposite ends of the country leaving them attempting to maintain their friendship via. Skype. Muse A easily makes new friends, but Muse B is struggling and it makes them feel jealous. 
  • Hi There Neighbor!: Muse A and B were best friends growing up, but were separated for years. That is until they accidentally move in next to each other. 
  • Death in the Family: Muse A and B are siblings and when one of their parents dies they do everything they can to comfort one another. It isn’t until Muse A goes off the deep end and gets involved with alcohol/drugs that Muse B finally admits there’s a problem.
  • Fake Married: Muse A is going to get deported unless they marry an American citizen. Muse B offers because what’s the worst that could happen? Until they realise being married to their best friend puts a massive downer on their love life… 
  • Charity Work: Both Muses decide to do a marathon to raise money for charity, however, Muse A is completely out of shape and Muse B is forced to help train them. Is all the effort really worth it?
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding: What do you do when your best friend is marrying an asshole? Muse A finds out a secret about Muse B’s partner and struggles with the decision to stop the wedding or not.


  • Superhero AU: Muse A is an ass-kicking, crime-fighting hero and Muse B is their pun-cracking assistant. Their best friends in their real life, but when it comes to the Superhero stuff, they can’t help but bicker.
  • Warriors of God: Both muses are angels from heaven who get sent to Earth on a mission. They can’t return until the job is done, but when Muse A falls in love with a human and wants to quit altogether, how does Muse B handle it?
  • Bodyswap AU: Both muses swap bodies for 48 hours and have to struggle not to look at their friend’s junk in the shower, attend to their responsibilities, and maybe even go on a date with the others partner. Let’s just hope things don’t get too weird…
  • At Each Other’s Throats: Muse A is a vampire, Muse B is a werewolf. They’ve been told all their lives not to trust the other species, that they were born to kill each other. What happens when they find they’re not so different after all?
  • The End of the World: Muse A and Muse B must fight against all odds to survive when the Apocalypse comes. 
  • Ancient Greece: Muse A is Muse B’s slave, but after working for them for years Muse A begins to rethink their relationship and comes to realise that Muse B is the closest friend they’ve ever known. However, none of the rest of society understands their friendship.
  • Second Star To The Right: Muse A is a fairy sworn to protect Muse B no matter what, but Muse B doesn’t believe in magic, let alone fairies and as they keep stubbornly asserting that belief, Muse A begins to fade away…
  • Coven AU: Both Muses are part of a witch coven, and when they find out about an attack on their leader they begin an investigation into just who was responsible. 
  • I Just Can’t Wait To Be King: In a fantasy world Muse A is about to inherit the throne and Muse B is going to be their right-hand man. That is until Muse B learns of rumours of an attack on the crowned-prince and attempts to stop it.
  • Knight In Shining Armour: Muse A and Muse B are both knights in King Arthur’s Round Table. They work together as part of the brotherhood and win many battles fighting side by side, but behind closed doors they could not be more competitive, constantly comparing their accomplishments and trying to best the other one. 
  • Creepy Twins: Muse A and Muse B are siblings/twins who are born with the ability to see the future. They can only use that power when they’re together. So what happens when they both see something one of them really didn’t like?

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I want a plot where Muse A is the coach’s daughter and ends up at a frat party, where Muse B is. When he sees her he automatically starts to keep a close eye on her knowing full well that if she gets into trouble, then come practice on Monday they’ll be punished for her mistakes. When the cops bust the party, Muse B gets her out of the house and the two end up on a drunk adventure together, where she learns he’s more than just the star quarterback and he learn’s that she’s more than daddy’s little princess.

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it’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

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